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    Game Informer Article Confirms M.A.G. as FPS Only PS3 Title

    According to Extric from the official PlayStation boards (linked above) M.A.G. is confirmed as a FPS only PS3 title.

    A scan of the article detailing this from Game Informer magazine is available below, and to quote:

    Okay, I just got done reading the MAG article in the latest Game Informer and here is the information on the games camera view:

    The biggest change SOCOM fans will notice in MAG is the gameplay perspective; Zipper abandoned the third-person perspective in favor of a first-person experience.

    "We looked at the number of different camera options for the game, and settled on FPS primarily because of the scale of MAG," Bodewin remarks. "Some of our previous games were third-person, and it was well suited to [managing] teammates and AI quadrates as well.

    But for a game of this size we really wanted to make it the most immersive and the most intense large-scale game that we could. There's really no better way to do that than to sink you right into the action and look at things through a first-person perspective."

    Here is a picture of the paragraph where I got the information from. Best one I could get because the flash kept getting in the way...

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Veritech Guest
    As being a fan of Zipper since Socom2 I am slightly unsettled about this article. Zipper has always given, the most quality third person shooter titles I have yet to play. Given this is there first next gen console title I am highly dissatisfied with there choice of lack of camera perspectives. They should have at least included an over the shoulder view or both third and over the shoulder views.

    I believe they might have set there title to be an FPS due to the success of the Call of Duty series on the next gen platform and followed suit, in fear of revolt by the FPS community. I have seen first hand such revolts against Socom Confrontation on many gaming sites. It seems alot of FPS fans set pre judgement upon any non FPS shooters just do to the fact it's not FPS, instead of judging the titles upon the game itself.

    Unfortunately marketing fears really seem to set developers back on creating there titles to there full extent. I really hope MAG will not end up dulled down to suit average gamers anymore.

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    51N15T3R Guest
    This is going to turn off a lot of hardcore SOCOM players. Most of us who played COD4 and Battlefield only played it because there wasn't a SOCOM game for the PS3 out at the time. I think this is a big mistake for Zipper to leave out 3rd person. I'm sure that MAG will have better playability then our current SOCOM Confrontation and will move on to MAG only because of that. Now I'm waiting to see what Zipper is going to charge monthly to play it.

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