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    Takavach Guest

    The Future of PlayStation 3

    Ten years, the life span of the PlayStation 3. Sony has promised to make a future proof console, but how can it live that long? How can they continue delivering amazing games? Within 3-4 years we can be seeing a Xbox 720 and a Wii 2. Will Sony continue supporting the PS3? I believe so.

    Sony is now hitting the tip of the iceberg with its hit games coming out, such as Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Killzone 2. Can it keep its momentum?

    Yes, Sony can keep the momentum moving by the PSN store. Itís incredible how just a few years ago we would never have seen this coming. The PSN store, where you can download full games, demos, trailers, wallpapers, PSP games, and more. You can now even download and rent movies and TV shows. In a few years from now, what can we expect to see on the PSN store? Whatever it maybe, I am sure itís going to make us realize the true potential of the PlayStation.

    The PSN store is one main reason to look forward to the future, but thatís not all. We also have Home, the online community, coming out this year. Imagine 2 - 3 years from now, Home will become its own world. Everyone having their own houses and apartments.

    People will be headed to the movie theater together. Users watching TV together and sharing music through their in game stereo systems. Parties, events, and conferences will be held on a weekly basis. What if we even get cars? The future of Home can make one of the biggest impacts for the PS3 and gaming industry.

    The last main push is the games. Without games you wouldnít have a video game console. Even with all the games coming out this year and next year, we can still expect more incredible AAA titles to be released. MAG is one of those games that pushes the limits.

    But what if Sony can push the limit again, by making an online shooter that supports huge wars of 1,000 vs 1,000 soldiers. Online gaming is going to be the biggest component in the future. Gaming is only going to get better as we can hope for developers to finally hit the full potential hiding within the PS3. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I dont have to wait 10 years to tell you some of the user experience sony is delivering are from other world. I have never felt the way I have today with my ps3 and the experience Im living as a Gamer.

    The machine itself is so complex that even my pcgaming dreams have come true with keyboard and mouse support at least on 1 game with unreal tournament 3, just to mention 1 thing. No other console can make this happen, it has endless ways to evolve not just home or the psn.

    I was a pirate before the ps3, didnt buy any game no matter which one, after the ps3 I have bought every single game that plays on my ps3 because its worth it.

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    Cammarratta Guest
    But what about peer pressure? If all my friends and even my rivals are going and becoming better then do i really want to be the one guy thats being left behind? Also money is a really big motivator too. Offer people the possibility of millions of dollars or whatever to do something that is normally against them, or the opposite of what they said and they do it so fast it wouldnt be funny. But i love my PS3 and the $600 ive spent on is one of the few monetary decisions i look back and am content with. So 8-9 MORE YEARS!!!

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    ibby03 Guest
    I absolutely love my ps3, I've already gotten 4 of my friends to purchase one, 2 of them being XBOX360 fanboys, and they were convinced and converted...

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    normanD Guest
    sadly, it is completely unrealistic that sony hopes to keep the ps3 for ten years. Now i love PS3, i think 360 is one on a long list of failures for microsoft, but, that being, the hardware will be too out of day by then, and we the gamers will actually pay the price.

    Think like this, Moore's Law, in ten years, there will be over 30 times the number of transistors on computer chips that means that the PS3 will be so out of date that it wont be able to keep up with next gen systems and either sony gets left in the dust or the gaming industry will have to slow itself down.

    Both ways suck. Unless sony plans on rereleasing different version of the ps3 like the 360 inwhich case, ahh, yeah thats what we call a "new" system. The shinning ray of hope is that the PS3 is a computer not a gaming console, so the install file system should keep us in buisness for some time.

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    qwsqws Guest
    ps3 cant stay around for ten years, its just not possible. xbox360 is already almost equall with it.. if and when the new xbox comes out ps3 isn't going to stand a chance itll be like the PS2 compared with xbox 360.

    however, as normand says the regular updates should keep it together in time but the graphics will always only be able to take so much.

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    Keith52888 Guest
    Only those new rediculous 8 core computers are really faster. I think the ps3 is obviously more advanced than wii or 360, considering the internals are faster and it incorperates some of the technology that wii provides. However ten years is a long time. With new advances in technology I think there's just no way that its gonna be able to compete with a new generation of systems in ten years. That said, ps3 is still pretty bad ass.

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    Coldwin Guest
    I just cant see the PS3 lasting ten years.

    As has already been said in 10 years what seems so powerful now will be very weak. Also now that the backwards compatibility is gone so is a major draw, one of the things that appealed and kept the PS2 alive so long was you could play old favorites without needing to keep an older system around.

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    ormus Guest
    not sure, but if the PS1 and 2 are any measure im sure it will sell and sell well PAST the 10 year mark.. i mean look at the ps2 current sale numbers.

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