November 3, 2006 - Look out, Meridian City pedestrians, because your streets aren't safe...At least, not when the destructive vehicles of Full Auto 2: Battlelines are tearing through alleys and boulevards. It's been three months since we've jumped behind the wheel of the car carnage title from SEGA and Pseudo Interactive, and we decided to take the preview build of the game out for a spin. We wanted to make sure that the slogan for the game, "Destruction Matters," applied as we crashed through buildings, blasted away our competition and wrecked city streets.

The main thrust of the game lies in the Career mode, which puts the player in the role of a newly arrived driver in Meridian City. SAGE, a sentient computer tasked with overseeing the city, has summoned you to help save the town from a group of vehicular rebels known as the Ascendants. This gang has managed to literally take over the city, rendering SAGE almost powerless and trapping the police so they could turn every district of the town into their personal racetrack. As an independent driver far under the radar of the Ascendants, SAGE recruits you as Meridian City's best hope, and sets you up with a preliminary car and garage. Your goal is to enter the various race events, defeat the Ascendants, and save the town.

The streets of Meridian City aren't safe in Full Auto 2.

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