A free Hot Shots Golf patch is avialable that brings available Stroke and Match Online Play. All you need to do is stick in the Game Disc and go to the online features.

To quote: Stroke and Match Online Play download patch that is making its way around the wired - for FREE! No coupons necessary, no forms to fill, no seminar to attend... it's gratis (free). To take advantage of this very-berry unlimited offer, follow the steps below:

* Insert Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds disc into PS3
* Go to the online features
* Watch the goodness stream into your PS3 from our servers.

* Note: please make sure to have a valid PSN account and to be logged on prior to download.

So what's in the new menu item you ask? First of all, this new Online feature will let you roam about the course as you see fit, taunt other golfers while you wait your turn, and be magically transported back to your spot once it's your turn - - and of course, this new feature will also take advantage of all the HSG rules you've come to love and expect.

Also, we've been really happy to see the crazy avatar combinations you've come up with, so to mix it up a bit, we'll be adding some more items as we move along... but in the meantime, we've thrown in a soccer balls in a couple of the lobbies to get you guys going on some impromptu footie action.

Meanwhile, back at the hamster ranch... Some of you might have experienced some server issues in the past few weeks - and we've noticed them too! So to mend this we've fed the server hamsters and greased the wheels; things should be running a lot smoother now.

That is all for now today, but keep an eye out for more Hot Shots Golf news on DLC content - - till then, see you here, or there or maybe even over there.

[imglink=http://www.ps4news.com/images/img_4001.jpg|Free Hot Shots Stroke and Match Online Play patch available]http://www.ps4news.com/images.php?sm=1&f=img_4001.jpg&w=500&h=400[/imglink]

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