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Thread: Free gift from SONY for PSN users

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    wareye Guest
    it would be so cool if the prize was a ps3 game

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    c3peo Guest
    the PAL territory out of this, like always.

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by c3peo
    the PAL territory out of this, like always.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orbital
    I guess it's only for US customers.
    No no, this comes from Its Australia only.

    The reason i missed out was because i was too late to add the contact. There is a limit on the amount of people that a single user can have on their friends list, and the com contact apparently reached that pretty quickly.

    Edit: UPDATE
    I just received an email from sony support.
    Quote Originally Posted by sony support
    We would like to apologise for the delay in correspondence. Due to the overwhelming response we have had in regards to the competition being held in March we have reviewed the conditions of entry for the competition. On the scheduled days that the competition is being run we will be accepting entries. Entries are limited so the first requests received will be accepted. Once again we do apologise and would like to thank you for your interest.
    From what i can decipher the vagueness is that on the day of the comp they will be accepting requests then after that day is complete the friends list will be erased to give more people a chance. Still, not opening up more friend slots seems pretty limiting. Remember all you people not from australia; if you add the contact all you are doing is depriving others from a chance to win, you wont be eligible for any prizes.

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