Sony's Associate Editor Nathan Ditum has shared a preview of FirstPlay Episode 24 today, which hits the PlayStation Store this Wednesday.

To quote: Episode 24 will be on the Store this Wednesday, and comes with an exclusive Top Gun theme as well as a review of genre-twisting RPG sequel Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP.

We also have not one but two huge studio visits this week, the first to EA Sports' Vancouver lair to check up on FIFA 11, and the second to see Enslaved: Odyssey to the West at Ninja Theory, and a review of slacker superhero hit Kick-Ass on Blu-ray.

We've also got a packed Network Highlights section this week, including a review of side-scrolling slasher Shank, a look at the latest minis and a round-up of the best user-created ModNation Racers, and plenty more games stuffed like hi-res corpses into the trunk of our screenshot galleries, including sandy shooter Spec Ops: The Line, robo-suited blockbuster Vanquish, The Force Unleashed II and 'The Modern Warfare Of The Skies' (their words not ours) Ace Combat: Assault Horizons

Which, for just 99p, is loads - over half an hour's HD game coverage and a pretty picture of a plane for your XMB. And if you subscribe it's even cheaper - around 75p an episode if you take out a 90-day sub for 8.99.

See the Future of PS3. First.

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