Sony Producer David Boddington has shared a preview of FirstPlay episode 18 today, which arrives on PSN tomorrow.

To quote: Episode 18 goes live on the Store this Wednesday, and we've been halfway round the world to bring you the latest from the team behind PES 2011.

Then we're taking another trip back to the future of PS3, with a preview of upcoming teleport-'em-up (that's not going to stick, is it?), Portal 2.

We also check out the games that are sure to be weighing down Santa this year, including Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Crysis 2, Fallout: New Vegas and Test Drive Unlimited 2. Over in the HD Reviews and Previews section, we give you the chance to put your controller down and enjoy some hi-def, Blu-ray sexiness, as we review an irate army of angels in Legion.

In Network Highlights you'll find more treats, including brilliant ModNation Racers creations, plus another batch of FIFA onion bag scorchers. We're also going back to the future once more (black-hole-inducing Johnny B. Goode paradoxes notwithstanding), as we preview upcoming PSN titles PixelJunk Shooter 2, Dead Nation and Trine 2.

Then we're speeding our way back to the present as we dig out some more current gaming gems for you, including Death Track: Resurrection, Söldnor X2: Final Prototype, and some high-seas hi-jinks with Tales Of Monkey Island. There's plenty more to check out in our Screenshot Galleries, including forthcoming PlayStation Move titles and gritty new first person shooter Bodycount.

Then you can hit the streets of Hong Kong with True Crime, before taking a much more relaxing trip with shots from The Journey, a new PSN game from the guys behind ground-breaking flOw and Flower. You can download episode 18 of FirstPlay for 99p, or better still, pay just 75p per episode if you take out a 90-day subscription for £8.99.

If you have any feedback for us, or want to make any suggestions, then please get in touch! See the Future of PS3. First.

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