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    Starlight Guest

    First PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.5 Details Available; Screen Grabbing

    CVG has learnt that Sony's next firmware update for PlayStation 3 will include an option for screen grabbing, allowing you to take your own shots of what you get up to on your PS3.

    A development source has told CVG that PS3 firmware update 2.5 is rumored to have screen grabbing built in.

    Exactly how this would be done and what you could do with the shots once you've grabbed a piece of the action isn't yet known. But you've got to reckon that uploading them to a server and showing off and using the images as themes would be a safe bet.

    Sony hasn't announced anything about a 2.5 update yet and won't even discuss the subject.

    We'll file this one under 'wait and see' for the time being. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    bloodymolecule Guest
    I'm confused, Screen grabbing?

    As in We can Grab Videos Of our Game Play too? Or only screen shots...

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    Apr 2005
    Sounds to me like only screenshots, versus videos, but until Sony actually confirms this I guess it's all just speculation.

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