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    PS3 Square Button First picture of PS3 $DK hardware unveiled!

    Update #2: It appears $ony has now officially launched their PS3 Web site... definitely something to keep an eye on!

    Update: A brief update on this past article today... With E3 2006 approaching, has added another few pics (see Pic #1 and Pic #2) of the PS3 development unit. The PS3 kits are big, bulky and extremely loud, according to studio sources... also, note all of the USB and dip-switches on the units.

    Today the world's first picture of the PlayStation 3 Software Development Kit hardware has made its way onto the Internet! In addition, a picture of the PS3 RSX Chip from nVIDIA (the GPU that will be used in the PlayStation 3) that is already inside the PS3 $DK has also been unveiled. According to several reliable sources, word is the current PlayStation 3 DEV Kit includes a 2.4 GHz processor as well. More information to come as it is available of course- cool news!
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    PS3_RSX.jpg   ps3-dev-unit-pics-1.jpg   ps3-dev-unit-pics-2.jpg  

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