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Thread: First PES 2009 Review in Spain, Translated to English!

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    First PES 2009 Review in Spain, Translated to English!

    It appears that the first PES 2009 review has surfaced from Spanish publication Hobby Consolas. PES fan Web site (linked above) has translated the review, and while it is a distinct improvement from PES 2008, there are a number of parts of the review that stick out like a sore thumb.

    Firstly, the game is stuck on last year's disappointing engine and secondly the magazine admits the game hasn't found the 'sweet spot' on new consoles.

    However, this hasn't stopped them awarding the game a score of 92%, but last year a number of Web sites also gave PES 2008 high scores despite huge disappointment from vast amounts of fans. To quote their summary:

    - 8 different cameras, and each of them at 3 heights
    - It also mentions that all 32 CL teams have full kits and names
    - Players change facial expression when they lose the ball, they scream
    - A.I. has improved very much according to the article
    - The players are very much like the real counterparts
    - Great illumination and weather effects
    - 19 Stadiums
    - 8 Players, 4 Online for regular match
    - 7 players, 8 online for Become a Legend
    - The Spanish commentators are great
    - For kit editing, add images for Logos AND sponsors
    - Share replays with friends through the Internet

    The good:
    "The Saga has reached a level of simulation that is hard to improve on"
    "Smoother animations but Mechanical"

    "The Saga has made a huge step forward, although it has not yet found the ’sweet spot’ on the new consoles"

    The Bad:
    "The game engine is stuck on last year’s, with improvements"
    "Fewer Licenses"

    The general feeling of the reviewer is that aside the graphics and Licenses which are better in FIFA, the ‘legendary’ playability of PES remains. It would be nice to have the review of FIFA that is in the same magazine.

    Graphics: 90
    Sound: 91
    Longevity: 95
    Fun: 92

    Overall: 92 More PlayStation 3 News...

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    meni12321 Guest
    ahh.. i dont trust this review

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    kujiraldine Guest
    Do you think it's techniquely possible to play online whith 22 players (2x11...)? It should be funny
    I'm disappointed by lack of graphic improvement...

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    atlask Guest
    22 players online on the same tournament?

    i think its impossible. Just see some online game like metalgear with 16 players to understand there are a limit to play synchro.. this football game is more useful when you play it offline.

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