We have new MotorStorm 2 information which is featured in the latest Playstation World Magazine in the UK. MotorStorm 2 is going to be bigger than a sequel to the first muddy racing game; in fact MotorStorm 2 is that big it has its very own island and 16 tracks to race around on!

MotorStorm 2's island is a tropical paradise that allows players to race on several different tracks including jungles, beaches and swamps. The location of the island is in South Pacific and features a volcano - maybe we can expect some volcanic action while racing or something along those lines.

Below is a picture of the island thanks to PlayStation World Magazine.. So now that we know the MotorStorm 2 world is a South Pacific island, what sort of tracks can we expect?

Well looking at the map we can expect beach races, swamps, high mountain encounters and hopefully some snow as you can see there is snow on and around the volcano in the north side of the island.

Obviously MotorStorm 2 offers a variety of environments to race on compared to the desert environments from the first game. The new tracks will feature more multiple ways to find the finish line. This should add a hell of a lot more fun and last appeal.

Apparently water will play a key moment in the game allowing you to cool your engine as you splash through the waves on the beach and the grummy swamp. So whenever you boost your nitro and your engine is about to blow, why not cool it off in the water? But don't expect players using the water as an advantage though, it will probably slow you down at the same time. You get the picture.

The 16 new tracks in MotorStorm 2 will feature fully destructible trees and foliage, so imagine you're in a Monster Truck and you hit a tree and it crashed down on to the track damaging your opponents behind. Another example is that the bigger vehicles will be able to smash through trees etc no problem, but the smaller vehicles such as the bikes will have to find a way around the blocking obstacles.

That said, bikes will be able to run up tree logs or duck under to skim the logs to get the advantage. Every track in the game will feature fantastic hazards to encounter for example, the ashes from the volcano will reduce your vision on the mountain range.

New vehicles will be included second time around including the massive monster trucks that will probably crush just about anything that gets in its way including opponents.

New animation is on the cards so when you fall off your bike expect the driver to spring out the way, jumping up and over the oncoming vehicles or, if he wants to die by staying put.

There will be more players racing on the same track coupled by faster load times. So don't expect to wait around long.

MotorStorm 2 will feature 4 player split screen and provide interactivity with Home and offer a unique custom race mode for online play. The graphics will be improved as MotorStorm 2 will feature a tweaked graphics engine.

So there you have it, information on the next MotorStorm! Buy the magazine for even more information and screenshots from the game!

Are you looking forwards to MotorStorm 2?

More pics can be seen at the link at the top of this news article!

[imglink=http://www.ps4news.com/images/img_3997.jpg|A first look at MotorStorm 2: Details and Info!]http://www.ps4news.com/images.php?sm=1&f=img_3997.jpg&w=500&h=400[/imglink]

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