[IMGW]http://media.1up.com/media?id=3313848[/IMGW]As that fall/winter 2007 release date crawls ever closer, details onmuch-desired rock fest Guitar Hero 3 are beginning to pass ourears. IGN scored a hands-on with the game,revealing some new pieces of info and confirming a few things we'dalready heard.

Most importantly, Neversoft seems to have found an interest in tweaking the difficult.Apparently, when veteran series fans at IGN started Guitar Hero 3 up, they were greeted with instant failure. Ruh-roh.Neversoft says this aspect is still being tested andtightened up, though, and there's plenty of time before release to getit perfect. In terms of pure difficulty, however, Neversoft says they want thegame to strike the perfect chord -- somewhere in-between the difficultyof the first two games.

GH3 has received a visual overhaul from Guitar Hero 2, with the GUItotally revamped. Elements such as the multiplier and star power meterlook quite a bit different, though they act the same, and there's nowa note streak counter that pops up after successfully slamming so manyin a row. The early preview also details changes to thecharacters and some of the new locales we can expect.

One of the biggest changes to the game comes in the form of new andrevamped multiplayer modes. Co-op has now been turned into aseparate career mode, with the best of the best two-player songspulled out of the game's master list for friends to work throughtogether. The article seems to imply co-op list could containsongs not available in regular single-player. Guitar Hero 3 also features a new "battle mode" that has two guitaristssquaring off against each other in a battle of rock. And, of course,online play is coming in the latest addition to the series, thoughit's still a bit unclear which of the offline multiplayer modes willmake their way over.

A first video glimpse of the Guitar Hero 3 gameplay can be checkedout over at Joystiq. Featuring snippets of "My Name is Jonas" byWeezer and "Slow Ride" by Foghat, the short clips were apparentlyoriginally included in the IGN feature and then pulled.

This first glance at Guitar Hero 3 definitely raises some concernsfor GH fans. As this is the first game in the series to be developedby Neversoft, instead of original creators Harmonix, onecannot help but wonder if the new team can do the franchise justice.We'll have to wait until the game's release later this year to besure, but in the mean time, you'd better believe we're taking bets onthe new battle mode. Klepek: you, me, guitar battle. It's on.

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