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    triple7 Guest

    Final Haze Resolution Confirmed by Free Radical

    There has been much debate over the actual resolution for Haze, especially because some hands-on experiences with the demo have been in contrast to the previously reported 720p resolution. Well, Ripten confirmed this once and for all with Free Radical's Derek Littlewood, creative lead for the upcoming PS3 FPS.

    Littlewood said the final product will "indeed render at 1024x576," which is a different story than what Ubisoft recently said on the official PlayStation blog. Thing is, Haze will run at 720p because the PS3 is capable of upscaling, but this is not the same as the game's native resolution. Littlewood talks more about the situation, and why the team decided to adopt a less-than-HD resolution:

    "We prioritize a nice smooth framerate over a different res. Personally, I don't really buy the whole thing. People did the same with Call of Duty, they did the same with Halo, and they say with those games 'It's not running at true HD!' And it's like, I don't care. If the game looks good and it runs smoothly, those are the important things to me."

    When asked if the decision to use a lower resolution for gameplay came later on in the development phase, Littlewood talked about the process of creating an engine. He said that "as all the pieces slot into place, you end up realizing what sort of resolution you can run it at."

    While we agree to some extent with his prior comments - GTAIV barely runs at 640p, and it's still one of the best games ever - we expect a lot of confusion over resolution in games in the near future. Guess we'll have to go straight to the source for the real scoop...

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    ralferoo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by triple7 View Post
    Littlewood said the final product will "indeed render at 1024x576,"
    The ironic thing about that is that this resolution is basically SD PAL to a large chunk of the market, which certainly makes it questionable that the game should be marketed as HD.

    OTOH, as long as the PAL display mode outputs this directly instead of upscaling to 720p and then downscaling back to PAL, this should look pretty sweet for PAL TV owners Several games are unplayable on a normal TV when the text is downscaled from 720p to PAL.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Also: PAL resolution looks a lot smoother than NTSC. This because of the difference in the output signal (i work on at local TV shop )

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    raze88 Guest
    Even if the games look awesome, i have a full HD TV and i want to use the full potential.
    Those developers should work hard on that....

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