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    Rowin Dincht Guest
    All of this talk of the FFXIV Beta, reminds me of the FFXI Beta signup. So much hassle of signing up on the Web site, going through the system requirement checks on the Web site, only to find out some time later they ditched that entire process and gave away codes to most places... 10 to 1 says FFXIV might turn out to be the same thing, give it some time, and I bet they will have the beta on the store somehow.

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    moneymaker Guest
    What a fantasy !!! Two nations preparing for a big war but no war came and a lot of mercenaries are without an employ ...

    No, thanks, it's been enough FFXIII, furthermore I'm angry with them right now and even more they could not like my comments as for that one...

    "Oh, nice, a train.... a good ol' skorpy, this reminds me something... let see... but... this music, what's.. a walzer ? Shall I fight him or have I only to change him the oil ? "

    I really don't think they could like my way to see things, old school, old taste... too bad...

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