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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII Runs in 1080p on the PlayStation 3 Console

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    Starlight Guest

    Final Fantasy XIII Runs in 1080p on the PlayStation 3 Console

    Those who have their hands on the Final Fantasy XIII demo, which came bundled with the special edition Advent Children Complete, have been reporting an interesting aspect of the game.

    For those who missed it, Final Fantasy XIII runs in 1080p as was also mentioned previously.

    Most current generation games run in 720p, and if you have a PS3 hooked up to a 1080p TV, then in the settings you can check off all the resolutions so that the PS3 auto detects what the game wants to be output as.

    If all the check boxes are selected, then a game like Uncharted will run at its native resolution of 720p, while a game like Super Stardust HD will run at 1080p.

    Now that most of the technical jargon has been explained, here is what is interesting about the FF XIII demo. The PS3 chooses to run the demo at 1080p, which means that the supported resolutions for FF XIII are 480p/720p/1080i/1080p.

    Having said this, just because the game supports a 1080p resolution, does not mean that it is running at a native 1080p, but rather an upscaled 720p. Metal Gear Solid 4 is an example of this (though the game actually ran at 1024x768 and then upscaled). However, there are some aspects of the demo which appear to be running at a native 1080p, not an upscaled 720p.

    There is noticable detail lost in the upscaled version, which suggests that the original was not upscaled, and is actually running at a native 1080p. The rest of the game appears to run at 720p, which includes the shorter in game cutscenes, and gameplay.

    So we are going to be able to play a game with beautiful cut scenes, but at what cost? Well with higher resolutions, higher video bit rates are needed, and based on that screen shot there is very little compression. Therefore, the amount of storage required for all the cut scenes in the game could add up very quickly.

    For example, most Final Fantasy games have close to 1 hour of cgi videos, so assuming a similar trend for Final Fantasy XIII, even at a lower video bit rate of 20 Mb/s, the storage required is around 9GB. The CGI cutscenes alone will take up almost 1/5 of a dual layer blu-ray disc, or a full DVD.

    This amount is not even counting all the other videos that will not be cgi, but rather, the game's engine quality graphics with extra filters and such. So while this might not affect the game's end result on the PS3, it does add to the question "How many discs will the 360 version be on?" which Square Enix has so far refused to answer.

    What does this all mean? Well simply put, we are going to be getting some amazing eye candy when playing Final Fantasy XIII.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Good story! It's great to see the PS3 being utilized to it's potential. I mean the so called "cut scene's" for MGS4 were absolutely breath taking. It'll be amazing to see what FXIII has in store. It's really like the total video game experience.

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    ultrachez Guest
    The graphics look stunning! I hate Microsoft for their stupid deal with square enix. Hope the japanese version has english audio/sub settings or something.

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    Aeonin Guest
    I wonder if 360 owners would even complain if the game was say 3 to 4 disks. It just goes back to the PS1 days of Final Fantasy. It wasn't that big of a deal then, I'm sure that it wouldn't affect the purchasing decision of an FF fan on the 360.

    But its nice for us PS3 owners. Can't wait to see that baby in 1080p!

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