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    Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 Hits Japan, PS Home Space Revealed

    According to UFFSite.net (linked above), Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 has hit Japan already with a sealed copy images of the game making their way to the Internet alongside screenshots from early sections of the game.

    Needless to say, Square Enix and Sony are hoping for some hefty sales figures as a result.

    Additionally, FinalFantasy-XIII.net has revealed a report by a Japanese magazine which states a Final Fantasy XIII PlayStation Home Space and FF13 costumes are also on the way to Sony's virtual world.

    Final Fantasy XIII Home Items include:

    • Air Ship Figure (200)
    • Carbuncle Stuffed Animal (200)
    • Cocoon Ball (Balance Ball) (150)
    • Eden — Chair (100)
    • Eden — One Person Sofa (150)
    • Eden — Planter Set (100)
    • Eden — Shelf A (100)
    • Eden — Shelf B (100)
    • Eden — Sofa Table (100)
    • Eden — Table (100)
    • Eden — Taxidermy (150)
    • Eden — Observation Room (600)
    • Flower Sabotender Figure (200)
    • Lightning Costume Set (600)
    • Lightning Gun Sword Gun Mode Figure (200)
    • Lightning Gun Sword Sword Mode Figure (200)
    • Sabotender Figure (200)
    • Sazh Costume Set — Wig with Chocobo Chick (100)
    • Sazh Costume Set (600)
    • Snow Costume Set (600)
    • Tonberry Figure (200)

    To quote: "The feature shows screenshots of Home avatars wearing Snow, Vanille and Sazh costumes as well as two very small screenshots of what looks like an FFXIII Home space.

    There also seems to be a plethora of Final Fantasy themed items you can use in your own Home space including Cactuars and Tonberrys."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    alexcamrod Guest

    My Favorite Final Fantasy

    I'll probably get flamed for this (especially from the FF VII fans) but my favorite Final Fantasy to this day has been FFX. I dont know what it was, but Final Fantasy X was just awsome for me. I think it was the AEONS, and the fact that you could summon them and use them in battle not just as a quick summon.

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    imtoodvs Guest
    Nope, im not a ff7 seven fan, but 8 was amazing, then 10. 12 was ok but most guys that don't like 7 is usually based on the look of the game. i played 8 then tried to play 7, the look of the game was drastically changed, 9 looked like 7 so i skipped it, then 10 was like 8 so there you go.

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    herpderp Guest

    Thumbs Down

    The costumes would look weird on home as avatars imo.

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    hunterdoom Guest
    is it that good the ps3 home.. ya, and now waiting for final fantasy 14

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