Square Enix European Brand Manager Antonio Marfuggi revealed today that Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 is coming to Sony's PlayStation Home.

To quote: It's a big day for us at Square Enix as Final Fantasy XIII is in the shops at last, and I'm sure some of you are already busy following the adventures of Lightning and company.

To celebrate the game's release on PS3, we created a set of very special items for PlayStation Home, inspired by the game's locations and characters.

The items will be available for you from Thursday 11th March, and mark the beginning of SQUARE ENIX's presence in Home.

Here's a full list of items:

Personal space:

- Eden - Primarch's Vigilarium


- Vigilarium One-seater Sofa
- Vigilarium Table
- Vigilarium Sideboard A
- Vigilarium Sideboard B
- Vigilarium Planter Set
- Vigilarium Taxidermic Specimen
- Vigilarium Desk
- Vigilarium Chair
- Cactuar Figure
- Flowering Cactuar Figure
- Tonberry Figure
- Carbuncle Plushie

Check out the Home stores on Thursday, and keep an eye on these pages for more FINAL FANTASY XIII on Home news!

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