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    Takavach Guest

    Final Fantasy XIII to Have no PS3 HDD Installation Required

    The folks over at IGN went over the latest issue of Famitsu magazine and revealed that Final Fantasy XIII won't require a PS3 HDD installation.

    They also made a comment on loading times, and how the only time you will see them is when the transition from town to field occurs.

    The devs Tetsuya Nomura and Motomu Toriyama commented on how they did this because they wanted to create seamless environments with no loading.

    To quote: "Toriyama also shared some technical details on the game. Save data will take up 500KB. Trophy data takes up 3,080KB (yes, it looks like the game supports Trophies!). In case you were stocking up munitions for a big system wars battle, there won't be a hard disk installation.

    Worried about load times? Don't be. The only time you'll see load times is when you transition from town to field. Once you're out on the field, the game is seamless. Toriyama explained that the game's tech staff tackled loading early on in order to keep the experience as smooth as possible."

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    idofgrahf Guest
    This is likely done so xbox 360 users with no hdd's can play the game, since there isn't suppose to be any difference between the 360 and PS3 versions, a required install on PS3 will make that version load faster, 360 can also install but not all 360 comes with hdd. Tbh, load screens don't bother me too much, i just hope they don't skimp on graphics just to elimanate load times.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    The moment anyone says anything about it, you're auto-accused of being a fanboy... so go ahead and call me one.

    But this is bad news for true FF fans. The 360 not only delayed the release of the game, but we're going to get a version thats not "all it could be".

    I already understand it wasn't developed on a ps3, but, they could have taken more advantage of the ps3 specific hardware to make the game better, or even add more features.

    Bluray vs dvds... any 360 fanboy that screams it's equal to a ps3 can shove it. I'd bet my soul that content was cut so it would all fit for the 360. I don't care what the press tells you about it. There's a thing called ockham's razor, and it applies here.

    I'm not saying the game won't be good, but I (along with many many others) know this game could have been a lot better if the 360 wasn't involved.

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