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Thread: Final Fantasy XIII Famitsu Screens Show Pulse and Odin

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    Tidusnake666 Guest

    Final Fantasy XIII Famitsu Screens Show Pulse and Odin

    Famitsu has gotten new screenshots of Final Fantasy XIII up on their site. The images look marvelous, to say the least.

    We see the spreading fertile land of Pulse, as well as an image of Cocoon floating above the land.

    Another image depicts Vanille running through a viney forest. A new summon for Lightning, named Odin, is also shown.

    Final Fantasy XIII is slated for a Winter 2009 release in Japan.

    Check out a few of the Famitsu Final Fantasy XIII screens below, with the rest available at the site.

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    pstrzy Guest
    Do you think that japanese version of Final Fantasy XIII will be region free?

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    taladas20 Guest
    Ps3 can play all regions

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    pstrzy Guest
    PS3 can play all regions? Or maybe all games are region free?

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