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    Apr 2005

    Final Fantasy XIII Demo Leaked - Live Stream Now Playing!

    As a follow-up to the article from earlier today on some Final Fantasy XIII Demo PlayStation 3 pictures being made available, now the entire demo is being streamed live.

    Thanks to esegk from Justin.tv, everyone can watch it being played live right now.

    There are also some new pictures from it available HERE with a few shown below.

    Enjoy the leaked PS3 demo footage Final Fantasy XIII fans!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ernvil Guest
    WOW! This game looked amazing. Can't wait till I get my hands on this.
    Hopefully it does utilize 100% of the PS3's power.

    Also when you get to the site, watch out for the fanboyism in their chat room LOL

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    taladas20 Guest
    since the demo is on a disk i presume there is no way we can play it if someone uploaded it online?

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    iCEQB Guest
    can someone organise the pkg???

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    taladas20 Guest
    Ice iv spoken to a mate of mine in Japan who is getting hold of the demo disc in a few hours. Do you think we could proxy the demo over to the ps3?

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    iCEQB Guest
    Well if we have luck, the Demo is pkg, that install from a Disc, like the Demos on Daed Space or Godfather 2 for example.

    And if we have even further luck, then the pkg is on the Partition where the contens of the Disc aren't encrypted, like the update PUP or the files for the Lineup (PIC0.PNG, PARAM.SFO etc.)

    Tell your friend to use SAK from CJPC to Dump the Blu Ray. If there is a pkg file there, tell him to open it in a Hex Editor and check if the first three lines are like:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    if thats the case, we have pretty good chances actually

    it's important that he sees "PKG" in the Hex Dump... if thats the case, he should begin to uplaod the pkg... else, don't bother

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    taladas20 Guest
    sorry about the delay guys been really busy. Ive tried to get hold of my mate in Japan but iv had 0 luck. I have ordered a copy of Advent children along with the demo so it should be here soon. Any one seen the demo on Jap sites?

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by taladas20 View Post
    I have ordered a copy of Advent children along with the demo so it should be here soon. Any one seen the demo on Jap sites?
    The demo is linked HERE at Play-Asia, but if you already have it coming probably best to wait I guess...

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    taladas20 Guest
    Sorry i meant to say was has any one seen the demo uploaded to any Jap file sharing sites?

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    iCEQB Guest
    Wait until you get it. Dump it. Open the ISO. Check if theres a PKG in there. If so, open it with a Hex Editor like stated above. IF the first contains a "PKG" begin to upload the ISO / PKG

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