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    KnorpeltascheD Guest

    Final Fantasy XIII Countdown Promises a New Vision for PS3

    The official European Final Fantasy XIII Web site (linked above) now features a ticking clock which promises to end on January 28th at 4pm GMT. What happens then? Apparently "a new vision will soon be revealed to the world."

    I just got an email from Square Enix. The email contains something new about Final Fantasy 13. If you click the link HERE you can see the counter.

    America also has its own countdown page. Square Enix says it's "the first of many countdowns to come."

    It is unknown what exactly it could be.. the only we can do is wait!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    deadadrian Guest
    Wow this game looks very cool, i want to play now!

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    KnorpeltascheD Guest

    Big Grin

    I don't know exactly, but i think it could be the demo for download.

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    AlbanX Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by deadadrian View Post
    Wow this game looks very cool, i want to play now!
    I totally agree.. +1

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    GZA1984 Guest
    maybe a countdown timer for an announcement to be made that it's not going multiplatform after all and they will be releasing the PS3 version this year anyway?

    hehe nah it's probably a timer for a gameplay video or a demo.

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    urbanracer34 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by AlbanX View Post
    I totally agree.. +1
    I agree +2, I hope this will be the best one yet!

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