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    Final Fantasy X HD for PS3 and PS Vita Announced at TGS 2011

    Today Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy X HD will be heading to both PS3 and PS Vita at TGS 2011.

    According to Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto during Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference, the PlayStation 3 and Vita update is being created in celebration of the game's tenth anniversary.

    Unfortunately, neither a release date nor Final Fantasy X HD gameplay footage is available yet.

    To quote from GamingEverything.com (linked above): "A representative said that development is progressing, but didn't share any actual details. He told fans to be patient for updates.

    For those wondering, the project will be a HD port/enhancement of the PlayStation 2 title."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    unknowndarkuser Guest
    woot i can't wait, hope they redo the international version not just the basic, and none of that region lock bs.

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    NTA Guest
    I'm definitely getting this. Lost it on PS2 before I could beat it. -_-

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    young blade Guest
    Its nice that they do it.. I realy enjoyed FFX.. But they also know that most of us are really waiting for an FFVII HD, remake or a sequel.. this is very smart.. and I believe FFVII wil be the last they will do..

    X -> IX -> VIII -> VII it may take them several years to do it.

    In the netherlands we say they are just milking the cow until it runs dry..

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    jarvis Guest
    I would really like to see a remake of IX. This was an awesome game.

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