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Thread: Final Fantasy VII Cloud Black PS3 is Now Available

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    Final Fantasy VII Cloud Black PS3 is Now Available

    The limited edition "Cloud Black" Final Fantasy VII PS3 is now available at So for all of you collectors out there, this is a must own.

    To quote: Included in this super sexy, ultra rare bundle, is a 160GB PS3, FFVII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray, and a demo of Final Fantasy XIII.

    The one con... It costs $649.00. Just $49 more than a launch 60GB PS3. Not too shabby if you consider the rarity of the item, and the value included.

    For anyone who still hasn't got their copy of the FFXIII demo, that comes with FFVII Advent Children Complete Blu-Ray, you should really do so quickly as this is a first print offer only.

    With such popularity these items will not be available for long.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    I don't see the point in this bundle, or the console itself, the emblem is too small and not detailed enough, now if the ps3 had an emblem like the final fantasy game covers, to cover the entire front, then that would make it worthwhile.

    Sony need to think about making different colour casing for the consoles, they would sell more if they gave people a choice about colour.
    Who wouldnt want a blue or red ps3?

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    ernvil Guest
    It would have been a lot better if Sony made a FFVII remake for the PS3 and bundled it with this.

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    drix93 Guest
    sony knows people would buy this cloud black ps3 because ff 7 was a big hit and everyone loved it even till now, so anyways i would buy it, it would be really cool if they remake it for the ps3/360.

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