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    Apr 2005

    Final Fantasy IX Returns to PS3 and PSP on PlayStation Network

    Today Square Enix Europe's Brand Manager Antonio Marfuggi has announced that Final Fantasy IX is returning to both the PS3 and PSP on PlayStation Network!

    To quote: Today's a special day, here at SQUARE ENIX: FINAL FANTASY IX; one of our most celebrated games is now available again from PlayStation Store for all PS3 and PSP users.

    Ten years have passed since it made its first, triumphant appearance on the original PlayStation. And since then, it has been regarded as a milestone in the history of console RPGs, and games in general.

    Players will have the chance to own and experience the tale of young thief Zidane, kind black mage Vivi and beautiful princess Garnet, and their quest to defeat the evil forces of the Queen of Alexandria.

    A true classic, FINAL FANTASY IX introduced elements such as the Active Time Events and Mog-Net into the FINAL FANTASY universe, as well as the renowned Tetra Master card mini-game.

    To know more about the game and its world, have a look at the official Web site. I hope you'll enjoy FINAL FANTASY IX as much as I did - I'd love to see your comments about it!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    XSamurai Guest
    The most of you call it too childish, but I think its one of the greatest Fantasy worlds Square have ever designed. A real Final Fantasy!

    Anyone knows if they tuned up the graphix a little bit or the same like original PSX Disc Version?

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    LIL935 Guest
    Ah that's a good sign, classic square enix.. you can not deny their games are the best!

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    croft72 Guest
    Judging by those pics above it appears to be the same as the original was years ago. It would be nice if you were given a completion trophy for finishing a PSone downloaded title like this. When Sony first started offering these PSone games from the store I thought it was pretty cool & still do in some way.

    But other than you getting the nostalgia of playing these good classics there is nothing more to that. These PSone titles are not even compatible to the XMB. (Someone saw me playing a PSone title & sent me a message about it. I had to exit the game just to respond to them.)

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    born2destroy Guest

    Big Grin

    sweet, i loved this game and now i'm off to buy it to play it again lol

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    Setoku Guest
    Did it get deleted? I can't seem to find it on the ps store..

    Anyone notice it's gone?

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    0t0ngz Guest
    I already played this on ps1 and now it will come out on ps3? really?

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    Setoku Guest
    damn, still waiting for this game.. everyone is saying its out but i can't find it in the store. what's going on?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Umm - I still have all FFs released on Playstation on it's original disks so apart of the "comfort" of having that directly on hard drive or being able (officialy) to play them on PSP I really see no reason to spend money on those again.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Setoku View Post
    damn, still waiting for this game.. everyone is saying its out but i can't find it in the store. what's going on?
    Just fyi: The odd thing is, it is available in other regions. I have several profiles from different regions so I can get everything Sony has to offer, and it is in the store from almost every other region except the U.S.

    Have no idea why they haven't put it in the U.S. store...

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