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Thread: Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP Hits PSN Store This Tuesday

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    Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP Hits PSN Store This Tuesday

    Square Enix's Vice President of Marketing Ami Blaire has confirmed that Final Fantasy IX for both PS3 and PSP will be hitting the PSN Store this coming Tuesday.

    To quote: We'd like to thank everyone who has patiently waited for the revival of one of the most anticipated classics in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy IX.

    Returning to the elements of what makes true role-playing games appealing - characters, grand story, engaging battles and an impressive presentation - we're proud to offer PS3 and PSP owners a chance to relive what RPG fans have long considered a nostalgic masterpiece.

    The wait is almost over and we're proud to announce that Final Fantasy IX is finally here, again!

    Look for Final Fantasy IX to hit the US PSN Store next Tuesday, June 15th for $9.99. For more information on Final Fantasy IX, please visit the official site.

    [imglink=|Final Fantasy IX for PS3 and PSP Hits PSN Store This Tuesday][/imglink]
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    imtoodvs Guest
    I'm not a fan of 9, or 7 for that matter, but this is good news for somebody. the only Final Fantasy news that's really worth anything at this point is the 7 re make release date.

    a 7 re make is a fan boy's wet dream, lol.
    just my 2 cents, its been awhile since I've been on here ranting!

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    Pretikewl Guest
    What I don't understand in this, is that it's already been released in every other region for a few weeks now. Why did they wait so long to bring it to the NA Store?...

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    wa7FXzZgTK Guest
    That is again the proof why the ps3 has not a ps2/psx support. On that way I have to pay again for a game, that I already have!

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