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    Apr 2005

    Final Fantasy 13 Box Leak Reveals No PS3 HDD Install is Required

    Today UffSite.net (linked above) has posted a picture of the Final Fantasy 13 box that has leaked, which reveals that no mandatory PS3 HDD Installation is required to confirm previous reports.

    Additionally, although the game naturally runs in 720P it includes 1080P full HD for CGI sequences and has no lossless audio for the PlayStation 3 version.

    To quote: "Specifically, the back of the box states that the game has No Optional or Mandatory install, only using up 500kb of hard drive space for a save game. This is great news for PS3 owners, and indicates that the game will run as smoothly as the demo did.

    The image also confirms that the PS3 version will have super high quality LPCM 5.1 audio and the CGI sequences will be in full 1080p HD rather than the 720p that was feared.

    While the game itself does run in 720p, this means the FMVs on PS3 will be of the highest possible quality. This may be the advantage PS3 will have over Xbox 360, as fitting lossless audio and large FMVs on a DVD will prove difficult."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Quick question, What is up with the Male and Female symbols on the back of the game case? And what do they mean? In Japan do they tell you the gender that game was targeted towards? And in addition to that, what is the heart symbol thing?

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    otarumx Guest
    I figure those simbols are a way CERO rates some "objectionable" content like Adult Situations, Sexual Themes, Violence and Bad Language.

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    saviour07 Guest
    hearts = love story
    gender signs = between male and female
    hand with knife = some violence
    x in a circle = someone dies

    its as though they just wana spoil the game if you look on the back of the box... and they didnt even use spoiler tags

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    Surfaced Guest
    Gah, why couldnt they leak the front cover art as well?

    But as for the gender signs, someone said that it meant there was a love story between the shown gender signs.

    I think this is plausible considering the varying nature of relationships found in games that are often only released in Japan. Sometimes the cover shows little basis for this stuff so I guess CERO handles it explicitly by indicating what sexualities are explored in the game. Good idea considering their market of yuri/yaoi stuff I guess.

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    kratosjohn Guest
    This does come out in Japan region this December right?

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    Apr 2005


    Correct, on December 17, 2009 in Japan and March 9, 2010 for US/EU/etc.

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    nafeasonto Guest
    Oh no 720P what are we going to do!?

    Jesus, who friggan cares.

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