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Thread: Final 3-D Blu-ray Specification Announced, PS3 is 3D Compatible

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    jamesdandy Guest

    It should say on the box or website...

    It should say on the box or website... or just call the manufacture's 800 number and ask.

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    johdomi Guest

    blueray 3D

    I read a news story that said most of the current LCD tv's will not work with the blueray 3D. That was a few months back and I hope that is wrong myself, i just bought a new lcd.

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    AriesGR Guest
    It is great to see that we can somehow use our PS3 to view the new 3D Blu-rays. The bad thing is that we have to buy also a new 3D capable TV. WTF? How are they going to promote this new tech, even a few people have nowadays a Full HD tv? Do they believe that we are going to buy another one new tv?

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    jammyone Guest
    I'm surprised that there are no Sony tv's on that list of 3D Ready HDTVs. I guess I assumed they would, since they were involved in the 3D Bluray specs.

    Edit: Did a google, realised that they will be releasing them in 2010.

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