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    Fight Night: Round 3 (USA) dumped & more!

    Update: Although both the source and validity is unconfirmed at this point, we received word of a RUMOR that an exploit has been discovered which will reveal the Title/Volume Keys for Blu-ray discs via PS3. Apparently the alleged process involves minor modifications of the boot process and Linux, however, unless the PS3 keys have been leaked this RUMOR may very well be simply that- as the Title Key needs to be decrypted by the PS3's Keys first.

    On the other hand, if it were found to be legitimate an immediate Firmware Upgrade for PS3 would be issued to update and better-protect the Keys. Those who didn't update wouldn't be able to play new Blu-ray Movies via their PS3 if it still contained the old Keys which would be added to a revocation list. Until we receive further information, this is all considered pure speculation... at best.

    Today the GODS @ Paradox have released Fight_Night_Round_3_USA_PS3-PARADOX and the NFO File is also available for those interested! At only 4.28GB (4,605,018,112 bytes) in size, it's amazing this port to PS3 was put on Blu-ray media indeed.

    Also, just a brief reminder to all of our PS3 fans that if you are dumping your own PS3 iSO Images to please share the Image sizes in our Post PS3 Dump Sizes! Forum thread, and if possible a FileList.txt (generated in iSOBuster) from each too- Thanks!

    PSP Files: Filer v2.7 For PSP, Simple PopStation GUI v2.26 BETA For PSP, DrPOP POPStation GUI For PSP, VSH Rebooter PRX Mod v0.2 For PSP, and PSP7800 (Atari 7800 Emulator) v1.0.3 For PSP.
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