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    PS3 Square Button Fedora Core 5 CD-R Sized .iso files... PS3 install?

    I was prepping both my computer and Playstation 3 to install Fedora Core 5 when I came across a directory with .iso files for disks 1 through 5 for FC5:

    Each file is under 700 mb.

    This sort of stunned me as I had already gathered money to go buy an external DVD Burner so I could install FC5 on my PS3 and backup files from my PC, but mostly put Linux on my PS3.

    Long story short; can I burn each iso to a separate cd and use these cd's to install Linux on my PS3? If so would it require a different bootloader and kboot command(s)?

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    It shouldnt do, when you install the OtherOS and assosiated files on PS3 and boot into Linux bootloader the Linux OS will ask for each disc as it needs it.

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