i am out of ideas. i had fedora 5 installed. then i bought a ps2 game. couldnt get it work right. so i called sony they had me wipe the hard drive clean. i get the game to work. now i cant get fedora to work. i try to re-install it, partiton the drive,go thru the whole process again. i set it to default to the otheros. turn off the system and try and reboot i get nothing. just a blue screen on my 32 inch hdtv.

i have tried everything. restoring the system, doing a full format on the drive. i re-downloaded the otheros.self and otheros.bld files. tried the whole process over quite a few times. i still cant get linux to load so i can install fedora. does anyone have any ideas? i really want to get fedora back on there. i dont know what else to try. please help! thanks