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    Yep i followed the Fc install giude word by word. now following yours i noticed that it refers to PS3 version 1.10, where this i know its for US version (link broken). Dont tell me that i cannot install fedora for now cause i have a PAL machine

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    1.10 is the minimum FW required for Linux on PS3... anything higher will work just fine.

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    I need assistance..

    I downloaded all the files said, but when I burn the DVD and type "install-fc sda" mine says "mount failed" or "Not Fedora Core install DVD"...I'm looking at the screen right now, tried 6 DVD's now. What am I doing wrong? kboot runs fine, it's this DVD that isn't working.

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    mounting /dev/sr0 on /mnt/tng/mnt/source failed
    Fedora Core install DVD mount failed

    ^ either that or

    Not Fedora Core install DVD

    that's what I get when I try this, any reason why? Any and all help is and always will be greatly appreciated

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