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Thread: Fat Princess PS3 Patch 1.04 Incoming with Brownie Town Map

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    Fat Princess PS3 Patch 1.04 Incoming with Brownie Town Map

    SCEA Santa Monica Studio Managing Producer Deborah Mars has announced today that Fat Princess PS3 patch 1.04 is arriving tomorrow for fans and includes a free Brownie Town map.

    To quote: We love our fans so much, that we'd like to kick off the New Year with something special just for you.

    Tomorrow, January 21, we'll be releasing Patch 1.04 which now includes a new, FREE city-themed map called Brownie Town.

    We've also fixed an issue with the online rankings, so now the All-Time and Monthly scores for Team Deathmatch and Invasion have been swapped to post correctly.

    It's all of you who keep the Fat Princess community alive and well, and it means a lot to us. We recently saw some amazing displays of fan enthusiasm and support, and wanted to share with everyone.

    You can find the rest of our crazed Fat Princess fans photos here.

    A special thanks to Ashe (Blue Princess) and Diana (Pink Princess) for being such hardcore fans of Fat Princess, along with Andy Lee of Asian School Boy and Jason Nishi for taking the photos.

    So hey, if you've done something Fat Princess-inspired and want to share, let us know and we'll be happy to feature it on the PlayStation Blog. Just post in the comments and provide us with a link.

    Oh, and before we forget: Many of you have also informed us about a warrior shield bug, and just know that we're working to fix this as quickly as possible. It will not be in this upcoming Patch 1.04, but we're planning to get this addressed in the next patch.

    [imglink=|Fat Princess PS3 Patch 1.04 Incoming with Brownie Town Map][/imglink]
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    Pretikewl Guest
    I was so excited when this game first came out, and I played it for days when it finally did.

    However, it does seem to get boring after a while. It starts to feel like playing a rts game on the same map, over and over.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but there needs to be.. just more to it.

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    monkeysez Guest
    I miss some of the Glitches fat princess had. An example would be climbing up the waterfall. Things like that made the game fun. I am excited for this update though. Free MAP!

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