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    Apr 2005

    Fan Test on 40GB PS3 Demo video available!

    Courtesy of sircarressith via YouTube, below is a video showing you how to perform a fan test on a 40GB PS3.

    This will apparently clean your PS3 by blowing out some dust.


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    labonte Guest
    Ok I tried this just for kicks cause im having a little problem with over heating. so on this video he turns the ps3 off by button and switch then turns on the switch while hold the eject button he gets one beep from the ps3 well I get three and then nothing. Well my I also just add that his fan sound like a hair dryer lol. I think this is fake and I will just use a air compressor like always.

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    cherryduck Guest
    Works fine for me on my 40gb PS3, makes a very loud fan noise, and I can really feel the air from the back of the console. Have you tried holding the eject button down until you hear the fans start going?

    In my experience it takes about 4 seconds.

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