Once again, John Curry and Rod Oracheski are back to tell us what they think about some of the week's most important video game news and issues. To quote:

Fact or Fiction: Final Fantasy XIII will come out in 2009.

John Curry: Fact

I want to say fiction. God, I hope the Final Fantasy series dies a slow and painful death so that I can laugh at it for all times, but the truth is that there is still a group of diehard freaks out there who are as loyal to the FF series as the Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering nerds and will force the release of Final Fantasy XIII in the next year.

When that happens, be prepared to listen to all of them whine about why it isn't a PS3 exclusive and, more importantly, how all of those who review the game are idiots because they didn't state that the game was the greatest thing ever made.

Rod Oracheski: Fact

It seems to be on track for the Japanese release, and I can't see the localization taking all that long. They've gotten pretty good at it over the years, at least on the speed side of things (there are still the odd wonky translations here and there). Will Versus XIII make it out in 2009? That one I'm not sure I'd bet on.

Fact or Fiction: The Spike Video Game Awards show is starting to become respectable.

Rod Oracheski: Fiction

Braid is up for BEST INDEPENDENT GAME FUELED BY DEW and there's a category for being a celebrity involved in a game...

The VGA's are better than they were a few years back, but respectable is another level entirely. I'm not sure they want to be respectable though, just entertaining.

John Curry: Fiction

Hard to argue with Rod here. The award show is pathetic. It is nothing more than another opportunity for some celebrities to get together and make paparazzi news. Yeah, it's a little better than what it was a couple years ago when Samuel L. Jackson starred in it, but it isn't respectable and won't be the reason any specific game does higher numbers.

Fact or Fiction: You are surprised that LittleBigPlanet didn't do as well as many thought it would.

Rod Oracheski: Fiction

Sony had LBP pegged as one of its "most important" games in the holiday lineup, complete with a heavy barrage of ads, but given the PS3 install base, the game wasn't going to get blockbuster sales unless it appealed to people enough for them to drop $400-500 on a console and another $60 on the game.

In today's economy that's a tough, tough sell. Platformers in general are a tough sell these days on any console not called the Wii (and only then if they star Mario), so the sales shouldn't be that surprising.

The game got a black eye early on with the recall and then the overly harsh moderation of levels, but they've been supporting it with a lot of new content, even if the pricing is a tad ridiculous, so it might have some legs.

It's probably too early to call this a flop (though that hasn't stopped Nemesis), but there's no denying that it wasn't as strong through November as Sony had hoped.

John Curry: Fiction

Part of me wants to say "yes, I am surprised" because of how much hype this game received as being the future of gaming thanks to the ability to create and share new levels and all, but the fact that the game was hacked, needed a recall, and the fact that they would only allow certain levels on the market just killed any expectations for this game.

Combine all of this with the economy and nothing surprises me at all. But Rod has a very good point that almost makes me forgive the fact that he's Canadian - it is still a little too early to declare this game a flop. More PlayStation 3 News...