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Thread: External HDD won't transfer files from ps3 to pc

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    Matthew08 Guest

    External HDD won't transfer files from ps3 to pc

    I am trying to backup all of my Blu-Ray movies. I used to transfer the iso's from my ps3 (running ydl 6.0) to my pc (win. xp) over the network. It takes forever and slows the internet down for everyone in the house.

    I found a Western Digital 160GB My Book External HDD at the store on sale. I bought it, brought it home, and formatted it in EXT3 in Partition Manager. I then used EXT2IFS to get it recognized under my pc. It worked fine and I had read/write access.

    I plugged it into my ps3 and it mounted just fine. I ripped three movies and transferred a couple of them to my hdd. Then I plugged it into my pc. It recognizes it, but says its not formatted. I looked in the file browser in partition magic and it shows all of my isos. This has taken forever for me to rip these movies and i dont want to lose any more data!

    What should I do? I hoped ydl 6.0 could read ntfs, but no such luck. Thanks for your help!

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    digihoe Guest
    FAT32 I would think should work under both Linux and WinXP... I don't think there is anyway to "save" the data without reformating... Maybe you should move the PS3 to the host PC and transfer the data over LAN, I think that would save most hassle...

    Best regards!

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    Matthew08 Guest
    thanks for your idea. i got explore2fs and it worked in xp. and then somehow, miraculously, my hdd showed up in windows and its working fine now! so strange...

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