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    triple7 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jhegs View Post
    Once I convert my hard drive to a fat32 will I still be able to view the drive through usb on my pc and save files to the hard drive or will it be rendered useless as far as extra storage for my pc and files? I don't want to have a 500gb ext hard drive that I can't use to backup my files onto.
    Yes, the drive will still work with your PC.

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    KillBucket Guest
    I have a 1tb mybook that I've sectioned off into a 750ntfs/200F32. I don't have problems with my PS3 seeing the drive, but as most have said, you must use the triangle to actually see what's on the drive.

    Also, I have noticed that my PS3 doesn't like to do a firmware upgrade from the Ext. HDD, I always have to use a flash drive.

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    pacific808 Guest
    I know how to solve this problem. I reformatted my external HDD one time. (STUPID DECISION ON MY PART) but yeah in order for the HDD to be read by anything it has to formatted to master boot format. Here is a link to a DIY guide. It includes instructions with pictures on how to format a drive to the partition type you need. It should work.

    DIY External Drive

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    Sub27 Guest
    The western digital my book II 500 GO works great in USB

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