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    pataber Guest

    Had same problem

    I have a 400gb WD mybook. I got a sata extension cable, hooked it up and it didn't work. PS3 didn't recognize it. I hooked up my original 60 gb w/ the ext. cable, no problem. I tore apart the mybook and realized there is a jumper to switch between sata 150 and sata 300. switched the jumper to 150 setting and it worked. I haven't read otherwise, I'm assuming ps3 won't work with a sata300 drive. Unless that's been fixed in a recent firmware, I was at 1.7, I think, at the time. Hope this helps.

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    xurnotfreex Guest
    thanks for the replies everyone. i actually gave up on on using my external hdd with my ps3 and just set it up as an archive hd for my pc and i stream my movies over my network, which actually works out alot better this way.

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    qdabean Guest
    I have an external 2.5 inch ide HDD. It's been formatted correctly etc etc. It get's power from the USB port. It works fine on the pc but the when I plug it into the PS3 it just says "unrecognised usb hardware has been plugged in" or something to that affect.

    Any ideas why this is happing? Is this because it's IDE rather than SATA? I would think this wouldn't make a difference in an external drive but you never know. Or is it just the case that the PS3 only recognises some brands of drive and I'm just simply out of luck.

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    IanJ Guest

    See some of the previous comments. It seems that some people are having problems. Not sure if it's a make/model problem or just formatting method (BTW your new drive needs to be FAT to be recognised)

    Personally i've had no problems with any of my drives (6 all different makes and models)

    Some folks have been having problems with windows formating. Perhaps try gparted livecd to format.

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    qdabean Guest
    Thanks for that IanJ. Just to confirm: you said it has to be FAT formatted. I had it formatted FAT32. I'm assuming it's still ok FAT32 or FAT16. Just checking. Might try FAT16 juuuust uncase it makes a difference.

  6. #16
    IanJ Guest
    Yip FAT32 or FAT16. Does the USB port work for other things?

  7. #17
    qdabean Guest
    Yep both the usb works for other things such as my SD card reader etc. I think it's just incompatible hardware. Again it is a 2.5" external HDD powered by the usb itself. So I'm not sure if anyone else has tried using usb powered 2.5" HDD with success, but I suspect that it just simply not liking the brand of hardware I'm using. Cest la vie.

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    mckheu Guest
    Gparted works fine, +32gb partitions work.. only quick format though.

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    xxgabriel2002xx Guest
    @ qdabean:

    first i bought a external hdd in a 2.5 case which has its own power supply via usb. i connect it to the ps3: it doesn't work. then i get back to the shop, and buy another external case (not HDD, only another better external case.)

    I connected it to the ps3: found it!!

    To solve the problem, you must buy a quality external case. My external case: K21 (the king's collection 2.5 external enclosure)

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    Jhegs Guest
    Once I convert my hard drive to a fat32 will I still be able to view the drive through usb on my pc and save files to the hard drive or will it be rendered useless as far as extra storage for my pc and files? I don't want to have a 500gb ext hard drive that I can't use to backup my files onto.

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