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    scourge42 Guest

    Question Which external HDD is the best

    Hey all, new here.

    I was looking to buy a new external Hdd for my ps3 to back up my blu ray movies. does ps3 have a size limit on external hdd. I was thinking about getting the WD my book premium 2 tb.

    Can anyone make any recommendations perhaps?

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    pdxubaru Guest
    You won't be able to format it using windows. You'll need to use Linux or OS X. Other than that, I'm not seeing anything that states max size of a FAT32 volume... except for in windows... So don't use windows to format it or you won't get the full size.

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    robots Guest
    According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fat32 maximum size of the FAT32 partition is 8TiB, but you cant format it on windows (use linux) and you are going to use quite large block sizes. My experience is that windows has issues even with 400GB HDD formated fat32.

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    Sub27 Guest

    I'm use a Western digital 2.5" scorpio 320 GO and great speed with BD M2TS files...

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    spitfire7001 Guest
    I will second the western digitals. I have a 120GB in my ps3 and a 160GB external drive from them. Both work great with the ps3.

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    sakkie69 Guest
    Just remember that with FAT32 you have a 4gb file limit, so even though you can format to whatever size - the max filesize of one file will be 4Gb.

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    NeTRaW Guest
    I think WD are a great option. I'm using a WD My Book 500GB and it works like a charm


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