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    Apr 2005

    Expect more PS3 Home Details coming at GDC 08!

    Looks as if a fair bit of information on Home will come to light during this year's Game Developers conference.

    On February 21, Sony is hosting a Home tools and support presentation with developers. The presentation will cover an overview of the current Home Tools features as well as feature roadmaps for the future.

    In addition, Sony plans to walk developers through the process of creating a Home space and show how to create 3D mini-games within the Home service.

    They'll also take a glance at a feature called Home Interactive Item creation. More to come as it's available!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jabberosx Guest
    Neat.. cant wait Home to hit PS3's. Thn we'll see if xBox Live is better or PS3 home..!!

    almost not a fanboy!!

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    Rocky Guest
    I look forward to that!!!

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    ongi4444 Guest
    but when will it release it . i wait long for it

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    DaW Guest
    i just wish i was one of the beta testers. cant wait for this!

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    moneyslap03 Guest
    finally sony talks about home

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