This is a really good time for the European PSN Community. First, it includes the long awaited DEMO of Valkyria Chronicles (Senjou no Valkyria), a Japanese RPG from Sega featuring music from Hitoshi Sakimoto, followed with Super Stardust HD "Complete" and finally two Megaman 9's DLC. Check the list below:

Playable content

- Linger In Shadows full game (1.99/2.99)
- Valkyria Chronicles demo
- Hail to the Chimp demo
- Super Stardust HD "Complete" (6.99/9.99)

Add-on content

- Buzz! Quiz TV "Comedy Movie" Quiz pack (3.49/4.99)
- NBA Live 365 expansion (6.99/9.99)
- NBA Live 09 "Oklahoma City" pack (free)
- Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus expansion pack (1.99/2.99)
- Super Stardust HD "Double Pack" (2.49/5.99)
- Everybody's Golf: World Tour Costume Pack (3.19/3.99)
- Mega Man 9 "Endless Attack" mode (1.99/2.99)
- Mega Man 9 "Proto Man" character (1.49/1.99)
- Rock Band DLC (listed after the break)


- Puzzle and Power Packs trailer
- WipEout HD making of video
- Midnight Club: Los Angeles trailer
- Mirror's Edge 2D story trailer
- Need For Speed: Undercover trailer
- MGS4 story trailer

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