Senior Manager of Marketing and Programming Lindsay Iveson at Sony Network Entertainment has shared the European PlayStation Store video content update today, as follows:

There are loads of fantastic new releases to rent and buy in the Video Store as well as a special Deal of the Week offer for you to check out.

And as if that is not enough we have also created a special Clint Eastwood Collection, so heaps of choice to keep you entertained.

New to Rent and Buy

- Prince of Persia (HD)
- After Life (HD)
- Kandahar Break:Fortess of War
- Kick-Ass (HD)
- Hot Tub Time Machine (HD)
- Clash of the Titans (HD)
- From Paris with Love (HD)
- The Blind Side (HD)
- Green Zone (HD)

New to Buy

- Exit Through the Gift Shop (HD)
- Basement
- The Joneses

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