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Thread: European DualShock 3 launch imminent says SCEE president

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    wicked insanity Guest

    European DualShock 3 launch imminent says SCEE president

    Speaking at the SCEE PlayStation Day in London yesterday, SCEE president David Reeves confirmed that DualShock 3 will be launching in Europe very soon.

    "The DualShock 3 launch is imminent," he told us in answer to a remark we made on the fact a Sixaxis is included in the newly-announced European MGS4 bundle.

    The Euro boss gave no other hint as to when we're specifically going to see the controller over here, or whether or not we've going to see it release before Metal Gear's launch on June 12.

    [imglink=|European DualShock 3 launch imminent says SCEE president][/imglink]

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    Icewolf77 Guest
    Thats good news! I won't buy a second controller without rumble function, so i'm very glad to hear that the launch is imminent.

    Does someone know what it will cost?

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    wicked insanity Guest
    The Dualshock 3 controller for use with the PS3 console currently has a standard retail price of $69.99. However, most retailers will sell for less. I found that are advertising it at $52.90 thats quite a substantial bargain. I guess that when the launch finally arrives it wil be at a different propabably higher price. Or for the time being you could always import one...

    At the moment, the Sixaxis controller has a RRP of 35 so i bet the DS3 will be around 45 or 50. We'll juust have to wait and see.

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    raze88 Guest
    Haha Sony.... i'll just import it from US as soon as i get my creditcard. It'll cost me 33,- instead of 60 plus a few bucks shipping.

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    phil205t16 Guest
    I got 2 off of Amazon UK for 32 each. They feel better when in use, more weighty than the standard, great when playing GT5.

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    Icewolf77 Guest
    So from the USA i can get the Controller for 35 , from the UK for 44 and here in Germany for 55 ...

    Why is it so expensive here? i Don't get it...

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    Arnie Pie Guest
    I imported one a couple of months ago from RenChi (based in Hong Kong).. I did get smacked for import duty, but even taking that into account the price wasn't so bad. Wouldn't surprise me if it were close to the price that SCEE put on it when it (eventually) comes out here.

    I should have sold my old sixaxis controllers on, but they'll do as spares for when I've got mates round for a games session.

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    lukahn Guest
    I remember hearing that the release would be soon around the time when they were released in the US. A shame we don't have a global launch, as I doubt they are any different.

    I was playing on the PS2 yesterday, on a Dualshock 2 controller, and was taken back by the rumble feature, something that I've long since forgotten when using my PS3. I'll be picking up at least one of these when they come out.

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    makk Guest
    Nice just ordered me a couple of these from Amazon UK, ended up costing just over 35 each which I guess is what they will cost when they hits our shores.

    Gotta get me one of these before MGS4 is released.

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    cas22 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by phil205t16 View Post
    I got 2 off of Amazon UK for 32 each. They feel better when in use, more weighty than the standard, great when playing GT5.
    Thanks, did the same thing after reading your post And I agree with you, the DS3 feels better to hold, much more compact. The Sixaxis just feels like a little piece of plastic to be honest...

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