Possibility 1: Simple human error.
Possibility 2: A sneak preview of what's coming up at next week's Tokyo Game Show.
Possibility 3: Some combination of the two.

Either way, Namco Bandai's website was suddenly and mysteriously full of surprises (the listings have since changed, as we doubt this announcement was meant for today), as a pair of previously Xbox 360-exclusive titles appears to have up and gone multiplatform.

First up, it's wacky fever-dream RPG Eternal Sonata which will now apparently be recreating the life and death (mostly death) of classical music composer Frederic Chopin on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. That's gotta be good news for all those Sony old guardsmen who have been staunchly holding out for some JRPG action on their next-gen black boxes.

Next is Beautiful Katamari which is now currently being listed as both a PS3, Xbox 360 and a Wii title (of all things!). Waggle-based rolling would certainly be an interesting change to the Katamari program. Interestingly, the description makes no specific mention of the Wii version being exempt from any online multiplayer functionality -- guess we'll just have to wait and see official word on that.

Release dates for these new versions are all currently listed as "to be determined" so prepare for a bit of a wait as they materialize.

Eternal Sonata, Beautiful Katamari Multiplatform?

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