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    ESRB Rates Possible PS1 Titles For PSN

    For fans of the original PS1, Sony really hasn't been adding classics to the PlayStation Store at a fast enough pace. There have been a few, of course, but there are many more PS1 greats that should eventually find their way to the Store (for play on both the PS3 and PSP).

    Well, according to a PS3Fanboy reader, it seems the ESRB has rated several fantastic PS1 titles that have yet to arrive on the Store. Well, we have to assume that if the ESRB is rating these games again, they're being prepped for another release... It's only common sense. Here's the list:

    * Wipeout XL (E-Everyone)
    * Jet Moto 3 (E-Everyone)
    * Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (E-Everyone)
    * Buster Bros. Collection (E-Everyone)
    * Street Fighter Alpha (T-Teen)
    * Rayman (E-Everyone)
    * Castlevania Chronicles (T-Teen)

    Unfortunately, we have no idea when these classics might hit the Store, but we're assuming SCEA will make the announcements some time soon. With the likes of the original Rayman, Castlevania: Chronicles and the fantastic Wipeout XL (one of the best titles ever, in our estimation), this would be great news indeed.

    ESRB Rates Possible PS1 Titles For PSN

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    ESRB Rates Possible PS1 Titles For PSN

    Most PSOne Classics on PSN cost $9.99. It's odd that they'd release Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo when they already have Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix available for $9.99.

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