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    Registered User ytifle's Avatar
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    Exclamation ESP PlayStation Store Down!

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    The spanish PlayStation Store is down, and it displays an error message (at least for me).

    I have taken photos, of the error, and may be useful for someone.

    A remarkable thing is that the PSS Server is using at the moment the server

    Apache Tomcat/5.5.23
    as stated in the last photo. Note that as it was a bad camera some are taken up to 3 times.

    The photos are splitted in 2 posts, sorry.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    DSC00070.JPG   DSC00071.JPG   DSC00072.JPG   DSC00073.JPG   DSC00074.JPG  

    DSC00075.JPG   DSC00076.JPG   DSC00077.JPG   DSC00078.JPG   DSC00079.JPG  

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    Post Continuation

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    And the rest of the photos.

    Please tell if they are useful.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    DSC00080.JPG   DSC00081.JPG   DSC00082.JPG   DSC00083.JPG   DSC00084.JPG  

    DSC00085.JPG   DSC00086.JPG  

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    PS3 Triangle Button ESP PlayStation Store down; Users receive errors!

    Thanks for the pics and info ytifle... +50 credits to you. Posted the following in the Site News too:

    Earlier today, ytifle reported of the ESP PlayStation Store Down! and as a result users are receiving errors like those in the 17 pictures in the ongoing thread.

    Sadly, NoxOm (under the guise "Destrophy") is claiming he "bypassed PlayStation Store security" with the news that ytifle posted, and made a poor quality video of it is linked below... needless to say, our resident DEVs got a laugh out of it.

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    Noxom is a faker !!!

    it's just a network error lolers....... nothing useful and not a bypass of the security

    the store is back up also now guys !!!

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    clueless peoples

    i think noxom just broke g c paraskevaides record for ps3 hacking ignorance

    what is next har har har

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    Big Grin

    Since getting booted by the DEVs here, NoxOm has now renamed himself once again to "PeopleJustTalk" and is posting more worthless vids on YouTube I see.

    However, IPs don't lie HEHE:

    PeopleJustTalk (account revoked!)
    Registration IP Address
    Post IP Addresses

    Registration IP Address
    Post IP Addresses

    Doesn't take a l33t hacker to see the similarities in the IPs...

    Attached below is his pathetic ramblings in our Infraction forum via: The IP Address is: The host name is: rba-cache2-vif0.saix.net.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    Poster #7 is a douche

    This isn't useless news- it's actually a very USEFUL correction to prevent useless news from spreading. We have corrected NoxOm's useless news for the entire scene... and welcome to hours ago- the store has been fixed and posted for quite awhile now (refer to Comment #4; Today, 04:50 PM).

    Let's see if you're another NoxOm alias too:

    IP Address Search for User: "Wilder"
    Registration IP Address
    Post IP Addresses


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    I also got this error in US PSstore last night. I'm using PS3Proxy to get into it (No bypass,FW1.9) and got that error. Is that something $ony try to check people who use this method?

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    Nah, I believe it was just down earlier hence the error... not likely related to anything beyond the store being down.

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    Well, i found usefull the HTTP Server version.

    By knowing that, if exploits appear, we can have a little fun ^^


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