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    ePSXe on PS3?

    I wanted to ask this question before I actually try to put Linux on my PS3.

    Will the Linux version of ePSXe work on the PS3 under Linux?

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    nope. no video support other than frame-buffer and that is as good dialup in a world with optical networks

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    On Windows you can use ePSXe with 2D-GPU Plugin, so 3D isnt a must.
    I think ePSXe should work, but i get my PS3 march, so i cant try it.

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    Apr 2005
    Yea PS3 Linux isnt allowed to access the GPU but 2D games like PSX Street Fighter Alpha 3 should run perfect.

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    okay to crush your dreams again...they didn't code it under a 64-bit processor...none the less one that is the cell...since there is little video support it is very unlikely anyone will work on this port either

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