Earlier today, a comment from Epic Games VP Mark Rein sparked controversy about the 2008-bound Unreal Tournament 3 for Xbox 360. Rein was quoted as saying the Xbox 360 version might not have as many maps on the shipped disc as on PlayStation 3 due to DVD size limitations. A reasonable assumption, but the comment was quickly dogpiled as a negative against Microsoft's platform, something Rein took enough issue with to respond on his company's official message boards.

"The simple facts state that the optical disc on the PS3 holds more data than the optical disc on the 360. If we exceed size of the 360s optical disc then we'll have to find alternative ways to get the content to 360 users such as making it downloadable," said Rein. "Adding a second DVD to a game like UT3 would be a challenge because when playing online you might not know exactly what map you're going to be playing next and we have to be able to accommodate users of the core system."

Additionally, Rein once again tackled the controversial issue of user generated content -- called mods in the PC realm -- coming to the Xbox 360 version of the tournament shooter. Right now, that doesn't seem to be on their plate, at least not publicly, but Rein is hopeful. "We will work with Microsoft to find a way to support them. We just don't have all the answers today and it isn't our chief priority at this very moment because we already have our hands completely full shipping UT3 on PC and PS3 as well as shipping Gears of War on PC," he said. "When we get those out of the way, and get a little time to spend with our friends and families, then we'll get back on this issue and figure it out."

At Gamefest 2007, Microsoft addressed user generated content a number of times. In one of the panels, Microsoft Software Design Engineer Zsolt Mathe said it was perfectly possible for a studio to create a PC map editor to create levels for an Xbox 360 title. Mathe said publishers would then be responsible for overseeing the content and maintaining a safe environment for users, as content of that size would likely be transmitted over their Xbox Live Server Platform, which takes the issue out of Microsoft's hands.

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