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    PS3 Square Button Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Confirmed for PS3, 360

    [IMGW][/IMGW]The continual delays to polish and tweak the id Software and Splash Damage collaboration Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, a Battlefield-esque take on the online shooter, has made everyone wonder why the companies have completely avoided the obvious push for console ports. The machines can more than handle the visuals, shooters are more popular than ever, and the extra time would give plenty of time to prep them.

    Finally, that's actually happening. Nerve Software, who handled the DOOM 3 expansion Resurrection of Evil, will handle the Xbox 360 version, while Z-Axis, whose last work game on the admittedly mediocre X-Men: The Game, handles the beast that is PlayStation 3.

    id Software will also oversee the development of both ports, and the press release seems to indicate all three are scheduled for a 2007 release -- but don't expect it much closer to Christmas time, we'd imagine.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    The console versions will suck due to the lack of dx10 graphics cards unlike the pc has, is it me or is the xbox360 and ps3 already out of date?

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