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    PS3 Square Button Emulators that work for Linux PS3?

    i'm using fendora linux for my ps3 and every emulator i seem to find i cant get to work. is there some trick that i can't figure out because i've never used linux or is there something i can download instead?

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    I think the main problems that we face is that ps3 linux is running on a PPC (power pc) cpu, and such requires PPC applications.

    You can search for PPc aplications by using search terms such as linux for mac, as some older macs are ppc based.

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    I'm using ScummVM with no problems.

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    I take it, VMWare doesnt work as its written for x86 processor?

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    Cool Snes audio

    Hey guys,

    snesexpress audio works flawlessly for me, just click on the thread option under audio settings. worked 4 me. now if only there was some way of mapping all six 6 buttons of the orignal snes to the limited ps3 controller... sigh.

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    Hi everyone,

    This is my 1st post in the ps3 section. Iīm a total newbie to Linux but have always wanted to learn. This was one of the reasons I bought a PS3. After trying out some live cds I finally went and installed Fedora5. Iīve managed to install some simple games and Snesexpress but I canīt seem to find the path for it to run. Can anyone point me the way? I sure would apreciate it.

    Only getting an LCD next month, running linux on a standard tv is harsh on the eyes and makes it more difficult reading the files.


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    Just got Vice running on my PS3 with YDL 5. Can't tell you how much fun havn blast re-living the 80's blast. C64 rules!!!- havn't tried the C128, amiga, pet and others it emulates yet, but gotta get roms 1st anyways-

    Snes9express runs fine in YDL per Ultrx999 tutorial- Listed in games tab in Gnome, but can also type "snes9express" in terminal window and it runs- not sure bout Fedora 5 though.

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    Ok, thanks for the tip. I did get the snes9express gui to start up but couldnīt get it to load up any roms. I think I might be missing some file(s). Anyway Iīll be getting an LCD tv this week and Iīll move on to Yellowdog seeing as thatīs the one most people are using. I didnīt know there were commodore emulators for Linux working on the Ps3. I like the oldies. Nice to see the list growing!

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    Cool C64 emulator install

    Hi again all,

    I recieved emails asking how i got the commodore 64/128 etc. emulator working, so i thought i'd post it here so everyone could have one place to get it from.

    The newest source code version is 1.21, but i could only get 3/4 through the compilation process with gcc before it failed. If anyone can sucessfully complile this version for PS3 ppc linux core please post here to share.

    I was going to post where i found Vice 1.19 ppc rpm file, but it was no longer available on the web so i will post it here to make everyone's lives even easier. I just logged into root, opened a terminal window, changed directory to where i extracted the .rpm file and typed "yum install vice-1.19-2mdv2007.0.ppc.rpm" if i remember correctly. (can rename file to something shorter) After installation, open a terminal window in gnome session and type x64 or x128 and violla! Instant Classic Gaming Heaven!

    I like to set the window to double size under the VIC II tab and set joysticks settings to joy_0 and joy_1 to use ps3 controllers. swap em if some games don't respond with the 1st controller port. I may have added a 2nd sid chip in SID sound settings to get sound even better (sorry been a awhile since i 1st did it) don't 4get to save your settings once you get it the way u like it.

    As much as I love all 3 of my Pstations, C64 is still my fav console of all time (most original fun games, apps, homebrew). Hope this is enough 4 others to enjoy as well. Please reply here if you get it to work, as i'd like to know if i helped anyone and jus to hear from other emu gamers.

    Ps- anyone able to get gltron to work on PS3 yet?- some prob with glx extension..


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    hey guys do you know some name of games that are like TMNT game, i mean the platform type game where you walk down the street and you beat guys up. I used to play them when i was a kid at an arcade store but i cant remember their names young as i was.


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