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    Elite Mossy's Patch Blocker for PS3 via PC is Now Released

    Today Elite Mossy has brought to us via (linked above) a patch blocker for PS3 via PC that doesn't sign you out of PSN.

    Download: Elite Mossy's Patch Blocker

    To quote: "Here is my Patch Blocker I created and used that does NOT sign you out.

    Handy for those who still want to bypass other game patches, and maybe useful in the future."

    To use:

    - Open the patch blocker
    - Go to network settings on your PS3
    - Change your proxy settings to what is in the box on the patch blocker
    - Start patch blocker

    Elite Mossy's Patch Blocker for PS3 via PC is Now Released

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    Jan 2010
    So this is a sort of bypass method that let you play online?

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    I can't quite make out what this will allow for...

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    This will NOT let you play online. This will block game updates for those who have updated.

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    If I'm not mistaken I think it just stops the games from finding updates when you boot them. Guess it would come in handy this way you can still have internet access on your PS3 and skip updates. Not 100% on this but just my 2 cents

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    I think all this does is lets you skip the new patches that comes out for games and still be able to play the game without it signing you off of psn for having an older patch of the game. it enables you to play a game on the PSN on a older patch if the game requires you to be on a newer patch of the game. But thatīs what I think.

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    As this is from NGU it will just allow you to bypass updates probably made for MW2 but obviously works with all games.

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    It was posted under the "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Exploits and Hacks" section. Doesn't seem to work just for PSN.

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    will this work for new games like medal of honor, john daily's golf, etc? If not, I'm not really sure what the point of this is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garretts228 View Post
    that doesn't sign you out of PSN.
    It's a proof that underground scene have access to PSN multiplayer. This helps using it by blocking game updates pop ups.

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